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We are your wheel refinishing experts.  Whether you need to bring a wheel back to OEM quality, repair and weld a cracked wheel or want a unique custom finish - Rapid Rim Repair is here to service all your wheel needs.

Full Wheel Remanufacture

Our state of the art remanufacturing process goes through an extensive application to bring our wheels back to OEM finish. 

All Things T.P.M.S
Powder Coating
OEM Wheel Sales

We can program and replace nearly all manufacturers' broken or damaged T.P.M.S. sensors.

We have thousands of colors to choose from and enjoy working with our customers to give them the specialized finish they want.

We carry extensive inventory and leverage our wholesale partners to get you the wheels you need when you need them.

We have expert polishers using the most advanced equipment giving us the ability to take corroded and badly damaged wheels to like-new polish finish.

We will diagnosis, straighten and mount and balance bent wheels.


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